Biomass/Biogas to Energy Plant

Jamaican Rum Producer

Project Specs

  • Biogas-to-Energy technology
  • 14MW Baseload Plant
  • Project Financing
  • 100% Renewable Solution
  • Regulatory Negotiations
  • Preserves 1,000 Farming Jobs

Project Approach

The Jamaican sugarcane and rum production industries are under increased pressures to improve their environmental processes and achieve international emissions standards. Imported molasses prices have steadily undercut the sugar cane farming industry, leaving farmland underutilized throughout the country, while Jamaica’s rum producers are being pressured to find ways for treating distillery waste, commonly referred to “dunder”, to avoid the longstanding practice of fertigation.

DECARB executives teamed with one of the Jamaica’s oldest rum producers to transform their 10,000 HA estate to renewable energy plant in which power generated would be used to power the distillery and sell excess power to the utility.

The project $42 million Biogas-to-Energy (B2G) project produces 14 MW of firm electricity in two ways: (i) through the direct combustion of bagasse and Leucaena in steam boilers, which then drive steam turbines generators, and (ii) through anaerobic digestion of the cane juice, which in turn produces methane biogas to power reciprocal gas engine-generators.