Closure of Supercritical Coal Power Plant


Project Specs

  • Closure of supercritical coal plant in PJM
  • Workforce transition
  • Environmental remediation
  • CCR landfill closure
  • Repositioned site for repowering
  • Interconnection transfer

Project Approach

One of DECARB’s subject matter experts managed the closure a three-unit, 1,650 MW supercritical coal power plant in PJM.

Closure activities encompassed plant operations, commercial operations in the PJM market, deactivation planning and execution, shuttered plant O&M and environmental requirements, demolition analysis, and site preparation for a 1,000 MW natural gas-fueled combined cycle development project to be constructed on the existing coal pile.

Details included:

Plant shut down scope and timing planning

  • Pre-and-post staffing plans
  • Regulatory and RTO notifications
  • End-state of closure: cold and dark, permanent closure, demolition
  • Sequencing: shut down of operations, environmental containment, security, power requirements
  • Monetization opportunities: inventory, equipment, coal stockpile
  • Setting environmental remediation requirements: asbestos, PCBs, soil contamination, coal pile

Closure plan execution

  • Competitive procurement of remediation functions for Decontamination and Demolition
  • Evacuation of materials from all tanks, silos, mills, etc.
  • Removal and disposal of all hazardous wastes – chemicals, solvents, asbestos, mercury, POLs, etc.
  • Removal of underground storage tanks
  • Ash landfill closure

Site repurposing preparation

  • Negotiation of land option/purchase agreement with developer
  • Management of interconnection agreement process
  • Negotiation of natural gas, water, and EPC contracts
  • Obtained all required air and water discharge permits
  • Combined cycle plant was developed into a shovel-ready state