Facility Closure and Environmental Liability Transfer

Aluminum Smelter and Extrusion Plant

Project Specs

  • Industrial Port Facility
  • Environmental Liability Transfer
  • Negotiated Clean-up Standards
  • River Sediment Removal
  • Repurposed Heavy Infrastructure

Project Approach

A large multinational aluminum company built and operated this WWII vintage smelter until the mid-1980’s when it was divested to a series of companies eventually controlled by a new owner. The company retained the environmental liabilities as well as the extrusion and cable plants.

In 2002, the demolition of the extrusion and cable plants was completed and the company entered into a series of agreements under the governing State’s Model Toxic Control Act (MTCA) to remediate the site including sediments in the adjacent river and nearby landfill. The chemicals of concern included PCB, PAH’s, Cyanide, Fluoride, and TCE.

In 2009, the City Port Authority acquired the entire site, including remaining liabilities and has been redeveloping the property. As redevelopment continued, the transportation infrastructure including a series of unit train loop tracks have been completed and the landfill has been repurposed as a car import staging area.

A DECARB executive developed the transactional structure to enable the transfer of environmental liabilities from the owner to the Port Authority and designed and implemented the remediation program to completion.