Coal Sourcing and Processing Support

700 MW Supercritical Clean Coal Technology

Project Specs

  • Coal Mine Design and Operations
  • Coal Supply Sourcing
  • Greenfield Development
  • Financial Modelling
  • Resource Planning
  • Investor Presentations

Project Approach

DECARB Executives supported the preconstruction development of the 700 MW coal-powered generating facility in Maidsville, West Virginia, by providing advisory services related to the design and operation of the coal mines and coal supply. At a cost of $2 billion, Longview is considered as one of the most efficient coal plants in the US, employing state-of-the-art pollution control technologies that achieve emissions levels, among the lowest in the industry.

The scope of services provided included: 

  • Leading technical presentations related to coal for potential investors.
  • Conducted coal quality review, forecast mining rates, and production estimates.  
  • Coal sourcing from four mine sources.  
  • Planning and financial modeling for mine sequencing, capital requirements and manpower requirements.

Broader contribution working with the balance of the development team (primarily hydrology and water quality experts) included:

  • Evaluation of cooling water supply from underground mine sources.
  • Use of underground mine voids and managed water pools for scrubber tailing discharge by underground injection.