Haiti Waste to Energy Facility

Project Phoenix - A Waste to Energy Plant and Collection System Project

Project Specs

  • Waste-to-Energy Development Project
  • Multinational Bank Funding
  • Project Financed Transaction
  • Negotiated 25-year PPA
  • 50MW Baseload Power Solution
  • Duel fueled with native coal and waste

Project Approach

Project Phoenix is a greenfield multi-faceted $320 million, 50 MW waste to energy project in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, designed to collect and process over 2,000 tons of municipal solid waste generated daily from the streets, markets and waterways of the city, which is comprised of over 1.5 million habitants.

DECARB executives, conceived this project shortly after the devastating earthquake of January 2010, working closely with the US Department of State, Government of Haiti, and the many Multinational Banks and NGOs rebuilding in the country.

The project has been integrated into Haiti’s National Energy Plan due to its ability to provide firm power from sustainable sources, while reducing the countries reliance on imported diesel fuel and providing long-term employment for 1,500 Haitians. It is estimated that when implemented it will save up to 300 lives per year due to improved environmental practices. It remains a high priority project with a financeable PPA, subject to approval by the global stakeholder group.